21 March 1957

21 March 1957 After hearing “Conversations” on radio – My summary of “What is an Educated Person” – I refuse to limit it to an educated “Man”. (Robinson Crusoe) An educated person is one who has a philosophical, positive, beneficial, and an active approach to life situations as they emerge, on whatever level one finds … Continue reading 21 March 1957

20 March 1957

20 March 1957 Sent a letter to Wright Brian PhD re-possibility of Russia obtaining access to American industrial know-how through stock in American corporations. # From Lenten guideposts – P. D. “Plant Foremen Put Christianity to Work” by Morehead Wright – GE Management Institute, Crotonville, N.Y. Four years it took. Kurt has the article in … Continue reading 20 March 1957

17 March 1957

17 March 1957 Oh Lord! If I could only write well enough to release my thoughts in publishable printed form!! Yesterday, at the [Cleveland] City Club forum, Dr. Bonds of Baldwin Wallace, in speaking of the need to penetrate the Arab world with understanding (enlightened) and brotherhood – he used the words “status symbol”. He … Continue reading 17 March 1957

14 March 1957

14 March 1957 This morning I am in a fighting mood. I want to stamp my feet, punch something – scream!! People, including businessmen, laborites, and politicians – especially politicians!! Who-oo! Sheep, that’s what people are – SHEEP!!! A herd stampeding!! Someone cracked the whip – and the stampede is on!! We can even sell … Continue reading 14 March 1957

10 March 1957

10 March 1957 In “McDermott on Broadway” in today’s plain dealer McDermott quotes from “The Later Ego”, (a book) by the distinguished London critic James Agate. The quote is regarding the distinction between farce and comedy. Agate has this definition in his book: “May I say that I have invented a rule which works for … Continue reading 10 March 1957