22 April 1957

22 April 1957 My children are quite critical of their parents these days – as teenagers I guess it is the breakaway pattern from childhood. Just as leaves force through the hard shell into foliage, my children are pushing toward independent adulthood. Kurt and I are no longer the infallible ones. In fact, we are … Continue reading 22 April 1957

13 April 1957

13 April 1957 Per discussing the “books” given by Boards of Education with Kurt and Blanche yesterday evening. Blanche: They talk about more money to pay teachers’ salaries: stop the Board of Education from supplying books and the board will have plenty of money to pay teachers. A good bit of graft in book business … Continue reading 13 April 1957

12 April 1957

12 April 1957 Write an article sometime about this theme: We are interested in results – but not in what it takes to obtain results. The youngster who wants to play music but is not interested in exercises and practice. My father’s methodical patience and exactness in fixing the heel of my shoe. Golfers – … Continue reading 12 April 1957

9 April 1957

9 April 1957 Today is Nancy’s birthday. She is 13 – a brand-new teenager! Dressed up in her pale lavender skirt and white ruffled blouse, she looked like a breath of spring even though outdoors we have the heavy snow still on the ground and weighing down tree branches. Suburban schools aplenty are shut down … Continue reading 9 April 1957