5 June 1958

5 June 1958 I have developed a plan – and I hope it works out. Learn all you can – but I mean really study and learn what is in Blanche’s material. Approach Blanche on the proposition of learning more at her office. Bone up on geography, metric measurements – everything connected with exporting. Treat … Continue reading 5 June 1958

4 June 1958

4 June 1958 Now, as I begin to feel better at times, with some desire to read during the long hours at home alone, I have turned to Blanche’s book on exporting. As she says, it is a noncontroversial subject. Generally, I get so steamed up about general subjects of life in general, the factual … Continue reading 4 June 1958

2 June 1958

2 June 1958 Problems are so universal and the common denominator of human social problems all too frequently rests on the intricate chianceries [sic] of the human animal. Nancy said, when she went to the newly dedicated Museum of Natural History, there was a large full-length mirror in the lobby. Under the mirror was a … Continue reading 2 June 1958

1 June 1958

1 June 1958 May life bless you and give you an understanding heart. Jean Zachmann The above, at this point, seems the best wishes I could wish for anyone I love. It encompasses people, but also nature, natural phenomena, all the best truths of literature, music, science, art, evolution, all the culmination to the point … Continue reading 1 June 1958