15 March 1958

15 March 1958 “Peace on earth, goodwill to men.” Often, a man will do a favor for someone and appear the most selfless, most unselfish of persons. Care must be exercised in the evaluation of selflessness and unselfishness. Are outward appearances what they seem to be? I’ve been reading the P. D. this a.m. – … Continue reading 15 March 1958

7 March 1958

7 March 1958 It seems somebody put gum into Ms. Connolly’s keyhole and Bill’s entire homeroom is getting a week’s detention unless the culprit is found. Yesterday, I went up to Collinwood High to approve Nancy’s program for next semester. Mrs. Stith was not able to be found, and Mrs. Smit took over. I got … Continue reading 7 March 1958