30 March 1957

30 March 1957 Talked with my “God is Perfection”, “God is Law” God loving Mary Anderson the other afternoon. What a revelation! These career women who close their eyes to all except their particular field! Although R. Z. Baker, her brother-in-law makes speeches about the Brotherhood of Man – these are some of Mary Anderson’s … Continue reading 30 March 1957

27 March 1957

27 March 1957 Is the “Average Public School Education Too Average”? This question comes to my mind as I read “Examine Courses at Wilberforce.” Four Ohio college presidents are named to examine study courses at Wilberforce: John S. Millis (W.R.U.), Paul F. Fall (Hiram College), Paul Weaner (Lake Erie College), Howard F. Lowry (Wooster College). … Continue reading 27 March 1957

25 March 1957

25 March 1957 Zachmannisia When understanding wisdom falters, brute force takes over. # Rabbi, Hillel Silver – on his retirement: P.D. [the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper] Dr. Silver recounted that his ministry here (Cleveland) had spanned the years of two world wars and the annihilation of 6 million Jews, which he called the greatest single … Continue reading 25 March 1957

21 March 1957

21 March 1957 After hearing “Conversations” on radio – My summary of “What is an Educated Person” – I refuse to limit it to an educated “Man”. (Robinson Crusoe) An educated person is one who has a philosophical, positive, beneficial, and an active approach to life situations as they emerge, on whatever level one finds … Continue reading 21 March 1957

20 March 1957

20 March 1957 Sent a letter to Wright Brian PhD re-possibility of Russia obtaining access to American industrial know-how through stock in American corporations. # From Lenten guideposts – P. D. “Plant Foremen Put Christianity to Work” by Morehead Wright – GE Management Institute, Crotonville, N.Y. Four years it took. Kurt has the article in … Continue reading 20 March 1957

17 March 1957

17 March 1957 Oh Lord! If I could only write well enough to release my thoughts in publishable printed form!! Yesterday, at the [Cleveland] City Club forum, Dr. Bonds of Baldwin Wallace, in speaking of the need to penetrate the Arab world with understanding (enlightened) and brotherhood – he used the words “status symbol”. He … Continue reading 17 March 1957