21 March 1957

21 March 1957

After hearing “Conversations” on radio – My summary of “What is an Educated Person” – I refuse to limit it to an educated “Man”. (Robinson Crusoe)

An educated person is one who has a philosophical, positive, beneficial, and an active approach to life situations as they emerge, on whatever level one finds oneself.


The above is my summary.

Van Doren mentions Bacon, and quotes him so:

“Reading maketh a full man. Conference maketh a ready man. Writing maketh a precise man.”


Letter to Mr. Wright Bryan –

After reading Sylvia Porter’s column “Girls Have Arrived and Sylvia’s Delighted” in this morning’s P.D., I wonder where, or if, I can get the following information:

  1. Where can I obtain a copy of “Woman Power”?
  2. Where can I get the latest, or a similar study on:
    1. What subjects on a national high school level are being taught female students.
    2. Our national divorce rate and its incidence in states or cities.
    3. The number of juvenile delinquency cases across our nation.
    4. How many children are known to be social problems due to broken homes – nationwide.

And please don’t pass me over to Flora MacFarland. You did this to me once before and I never did get my question answered.

An information seeker,

Jean Zachmann

P.S. You are at perfect liberty to tell me to go dig out my own information.