17 May 1957

17 May 1957 How about a piece about people who are certain they know all the answers – they are always “right” and know exactly what’s what! Ethel Thompson. (There is only one way of looking at anything you never question the old “wisdoms”)? Blanche’s comment: When you get a straight-laced person in a conversation … Continue reading 17 May 1957

3 May 1957

3 May 1957 Saw Barrie’s “Dear Brutus” last night at Eldred Hall in the company of Elsa Storey and Evelyn Kimmens. Kurt took both of them home. Charles [Kimmens] was graduating with a touch of fuss from a couple months instruction on new machines at Republic Steel’s classes for employees and couldn’t see the play. … Continue reading 3 May 1957

2 May 1957

2 May 1957 With Lydia on drama – she don’t [sic] like it! Especially modern musicals – “Guys and Dolls”. – Movies she likes. Conformists – who live entirely to the public conscience – don’t have much fun. They live in a narrow world. They cluck over nonconformists to the public will because, underneath, the … Continue reading 2 May 1957

1 May 1957

1 May 1957 Talked with Irene Dunkin about club work: P.T.A. beats [jumps the?] gun on Scholarship Fund – The other three P.T.A.s were scooped. They will join or give money as a threesome. Memorial has a clear field. Mrs. Hartig – Looks over old papers and recalls individuals engendered [sic] by her clippings: Picture … Continue reading 1 May 1957