6 June 1958

6 June 1958

The laughs of my recuperation:

1) Nancy’s remark on this situation. I’d ask Kurt to sit on the toilet seat and keep my company in the bathroom while I too my sitz bath. The bathroom, with a tubful of hot water got rather steamy and hot.

So Kurt would peel of his shirt and change, or take off, his trousers to accommodate himself to the temperature conditions.

After several nights of this, Nancy came into my bedroom with this remark: “The way dad takes of his clothes when you take a sitz bath, you’d think he was getting all set up to wash the dog!”

2) Dear grandpa [Zachmann, a.k.a. “Pop”] – he and Dada [his wife, our grandmother] made a once a week pilgrimage to our house, especially since Pop was not working and Dada is always on the lookout for collecting some cash out of us.

Pop sits watching television for the several hours they are there. He manages to guzzle 7 or 8 bottles of beer and a few shots.

About the third week of this, and after going through a case and a half of Kurt’s beer, when it is time for them to leave, Pop, full of beer, informs Kurt P.O.C. (Kurt’s brand) does not agree with him.  

He should get Leisy’s beer since Pop likes it better.

I thought Kurt would flip!!