2 June 1958

2 June 1958

Problems are so universal and the common denominator of human social problems all too frequently rests on the intricate chianceries [sic] of the human animal.

Nancy said, when she went to the newly dedicated Museum of Natural History, there was a large full-length mirror in the lobby. Under the mirror was a label for the mirror. It reads “The largest and most numerous animal, dangerous to itself and others.” Or something like that.

I’ll have to take a good look at that label when I get around to visiting the Museum of Natural History.

As I said to Billy or Nancy, I don’t remember which . . . Bill it was . . . something about – one must separate social aspects of humanity.

I believe he was making some scornful remarks about people. The idea was “get all you can” and the hell with helping another fellow unless he helps himself. I may not be quoting all this correctly, but we were talking about governments I believe. I pointed out to him that thank goodness there were people in this world who thought about the natural dangers of mankind – poverty, illness, disease, disaster, which the individual alone has no control over. i.e. I mentioned Salk and the polio vaccine, Pasteur, quickly – to bring him an inkling of what I was trying to get across to him.