17 May 1957

17 May 1957

How about a piece about people who are certain they know all the answers – they are always “right” and know exactly what’s what! Ethel Thompson. (There is only one way of looking at anything you never question the old “wisdoms”)?

Blanche’s comment: When you get a straight-laced person in a conversation with an impulsive one – the sparks are bound to fly.

Also: Articles following out the “perverted proverbs”. Take a proverb and fit it into modern situation: i.e. “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”

What happens to the man on the third shift? The business salesman entertaining customers into the wee hours?

Follow the thought through until the perversion becomes as ridiculous as it must, placed in the present day concepts.

Look up Ben Franklin’s Proverbs for ideas.

Maybe an American Weekly article.


  1. The home is no longer the stronghold of family influence.
  2. In our child centered society parents should be seen, scolded, and not heard.
  3. The old family strengths are expected of parents in a society where the family influences have given way to communication, transportation, and crowded community contacts – what can a parent do?
  4. The kids staying at Mrs. Hartig’s:
    1. Have no inner resources, no hobbies, nothing to draw on from inner resources.
    2. What is for them to do but hang around beer joints and bang up cars?
  5. Material has replaced inner satisfactions – money and possessions, however, bring no satisfactions!
  6. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – you are denied the pleasure of knowing something you are interested in thoroughly. There is always a guilty feeling lurking behind you calling you a fake – pretending to be what you are not – receiving credit which you know you do not deserve.
  7. Fateca [?] – teachers hold back – make things look bad.
  8. Books on writing tell you the road to success is hard work – but don’t tell you exactly where the effort and hard work [that] is necessary for success lies.
  9. Billy’s math speech before the faculty: When Steigerwald commented: “A fine speech Bill, now confidentially, just what were you saying?” Billy answered: “Now what makes you so sure I know what I was talking about?”