30 March 1957

30 March 1957

Talked with my “God is Perfection”, “God is Law” God loving Mary Anderson the other afternoon. What a revelation! These career women who close their eyes to all except their particular field!

Although R. Z. Baker, her brother-in-law makes speeches about the Brotherhood of Man – these are some of Mary Anderson’s remarks.

She believes “survival of the fittest” is the primary law of nature. Therefore, she would:

  1. Help only the intelligent – the rest of humanity should just die off. If we don’t bother with them from they very start, they would not be around to bother us in the present.
  2. She went to church with a man attorney she chanced to meet. He took her to lunch and expanded some of his views. She shocked the man, saying:
    1. She had no sympathy for juvenile delinquents. They were not worth bothering with. She told me, when I asked, “but what should be done about them?” – the law would take care of them. If you just ignored them they would stop being delinquents and behave themselves. I asked her, had she read anything about juvenile crimes in the papers? The robbing? Killing, beating up of teachers, etc.? She airily told me she does not bother to read these articles in the paper.
    2. Although she professes to be a god-loving woman, she does not believe in high-pressure groups like the Community Fund.

I asked her if she did not believe in her brother-in-law Baker’s interest in the Y.M.C.A.

“What did I mean?” she asked. “Well,” said I, “the Y.M.C.A. receives 1/3 of its funds from the Community Fund.”

This ignorance of the C.F. she dismissed quite airily again by saying: “They don’t need the Community Fund – they can raise all the money they need.”

“If that is true,” I continued, “How did she explain the fact that they Y Building Fund Campaign a couple of years ago did not meet its goal?”

No available answer.

She differentiates between do-gooders (who she has no use for) and organizations who “do good.” Her attitude is, if an organization does good, that is all there is to it. The money naturally falls into the organizations lap to use it to do good.

Also, she is a believer in eugenics – do away with those who are unnecessary or unfit.

I asked her – Who is to decide who is unnecessary or unfit? No answer. Also, I told her Hitler tried this procedure in Germany with his “inferior race” talk and it was the blackest page in our world’s history.

Her comment? “Well, one can carry these things too far.”

Mary Anderson may be a very bright probate court attorney – yet she is a very narrow, stupid woman with no compassion. I am sure her luncheon partner must have shivered at her rank sadism and thoughtless [lack of] concern for anything outside here narrow bailiwick.