17 March 1957

17 March 1957

Oh Lord! If I could only write well enough to release my thoughts in publishable printed form!!

Yesterday, at the [Cleveland] City Club forum, Dr. Bonds of Baldwin Wallace, in speaking of the need to penetrate the Arab world with understanding (enlightened) and brotherhood – he used the words “status symbol”. He was referring to Egypt’s rebellion against help in agriculture, instead insisting upon the Aswan Dam and the status symbol of electrical power and industrialization which is so highly revered by the powerful countries: U.S. – Russia, Germany, England etc.

At the same time; in our country women today are in trouble – The kid in the street talk about the “crazy women drivers”; my son when I get upset about Egypt and Israel, the pitiful abuse of helpless inarticulate parents, stumbling blindly through troubled times, calls me a busy-body. Our male society is setting the social learning. Philip Wylie has popularized “momism” while men have deserted the family life for business activity exclusively, sports, and Marilyn Monroes.

Women, rebelling against their unaccepted social status, use the male status symbol. They try to meet and beat men in the business world. It is only the lonely, heartsick yet militant conscientious mothers who are fighting for their family’s moral and spiritual existence.