16 March 1957

16 March 1957 – Saturday

Saturday morning, and I have been rereading some of my recent posts. My! Have I been in a rage!

Yesterday, after reading about the Chicago prosecutors calling for a murder charge against all the kids involved in the slaying of the 17-year-old Negro boy made me heartsick about the whole affair. What a world we live in. I am planning to resign from the human race – I’d rather be a member of the dog family.

After pacing up and down mentally over the Chicago murder affair, I finally completed my article on What’s a Good Mother and sent it to the American weekly. Where I got the strength to finally do this? If it is good, if it is finally published, I know it was from a guiding wisdom – the Master Creator and Designer.

How I wish I could do more, could do better.

Well if it is meant to be, it will be. I kind of feel my future days sort of hang in the balance in so far as the bent of my days will take. If my article is accepted and published, I know what my work will be. If not I can still try, because that trying is the spirit that moves me. If at first you don’t succeed – try, try again!

Billy is up and walking around upstairs, so I might stop by writing.

I do want to record here Mrs. Hachen’s class discussion about the 1, 5, 10, dollar bills in Nancy’s social studies class. Also, Billy’s accounting of Bud (?) Adams key club business and his gambling and horse betting with the money Bud earns as a library page. Oh! Dear me. Bud’s mother has been driving Bill partway home. Bill thinks she was a former librarian. Also, I do not know whether young Adams has a father in his home picture. I hope to learn more about this later.


Bill’s gone over to Tom’s and the shoemaker to get inner souls for his engineer boots.

I called Elmer about the Control by Parents Bill re guns. How ridiculous can human beings get? They are now hoping to put parents in jail for 30 days if youngster under 17 carries a gun. (YMCA public relations right – where are you? How about your American Rifle Club program?)* So, parents they want to make liable until the kid’s 17 re a gun – then at 18 he goes into the Army (drafted if you please) to learn to shoot people up. Yes sir!

I’m planning to resign from the human race. I wonder if the dog family will consider a human being eligible for membership. Personally if Ira self-respecting dog, I wouldn’t allow humans to taint my dog breed.


How is the parent expected to keep any sanity in the parents cranium? I’m going completely Daffy about the idea of sitting on an isolated rock contemplating my toes and bellybutton.

[* The reference here is to a National Rifle Association program at the Aspinwall Branch of the YMCA on Saturday Mornings. We (some of my friends and I) would ride the Cleveland Transit System (CTS) public busses to the “Y” carrying our .22 rifles in cases on the bus to go target shooting in the gym at the YMCA. wfz]