14 March 1957

14 March 1957 This morning I am in a fighting mood. I want to stamp my feet, punch something – scream!! People, including businessmen, laborites, and politicians – especially politicians!! Who-oo! Sheep, that’s what people are – SHEEP!!! A herd stampeding!! Someone cracked the whip – and the stampede is on!! We can even sell … Continue reading 14 March 1957

10 March 1957

10 March 1957 In “McDermott on Broadway” in today’s plain dealer McDermott quotes from “The Later Ego”, (a book) by the distinguished London critic James Agate. The quote is regarding the distinction between farce and comedy. Agate has this definition in his book: “May I say that I have invented a rule which works for … Continue reading 10 March 1957

6 March 1957

6 March 1957 The breakfast table chairs were decorated with the dazzle of white shirts and ties this morning – Kurt, Billy, and Nancy. Of course, Kurt often wears a white shirt. But Billy and Nancy were all slicked up [too] for Honor Roll assembly at Collinwood this morning first and second period. Nancy wore … Continue reading 6 March 1957

5 March 1957

5 March 1957 Oh! So much as happened these last few weeks, I sure have neglected my notebook – but, the [Cleveland] Plain Dealer [newspaper] is writing beautifully. I don’t have to worry about people so much anymore. Mass psychoanalysis – that’s what it is – mass psychoanalysis. Very good for the soul!! I wish … Continue reading 5 March 1957

2 March 1957

2 March 1957 These past days have been busy, almost a delirium of activity. The Plain Dealer has been writing splendid reportorial work. The Cleveland Press is still a snarling rag! My P. D. Was just delivered by Stanley – will write more later, especially about Janie E. Oster and Dunham school and melting pots … Continue reading 2 March 1957