5 March 1957

5 March 1957

Oh! So much as happened these last few weeks, I sure have neglected my notebook – but, the [Cleveland] Plain Dealer [newspaper] is writing beautifully. I don’t have to worry about people so much anymore. Mass psychoanalysis – that’s what it is – mass psychoanalysis. Very good for the soul!!

I wish I had more time to relate some of my family events, but letters, letters, and reading have been taking up so much of my time. Contributing my little vote, I tell Kurt.

. . . Last night Nancy informed me the gals at school are buying Cody’s fruit flavored lipsticks at $1.00 a crack! They can’t eat candy at school, so they buy this little hunk of candy lipstick for the outrageous price of $1.00.

One of the girls, according to Nancy, fairly eats the lipstick when she gets hungry! Wow! I told Nancy it was an expensive little piece of candy. Why didn’t they make chocolate flavored Kleenex, or orange flavored shoes! Nothing like having the kids coming home barefoot after dad shells out up to $1400 for a pair of shoes.

I also told her, if the lipstick tasted so good, a gal would never know whether her best heart interest was kissing her because he loved her, or because he didn’t have the price of a hamburger!