10 March 1957

10 March 1957

In “McDermott on Broadway” in today’s plain dealer McDermott quotes from “The Later Ego”, (a book) by the distinguished London critic James Agate. The quote is regarding the distinction between farce and comedy. Agate has this definition in his book:

“May I say that I have invented a rule which works for me, though I can find no authority for it and play none. Set down in simple terms the rule is: comedy treats of unreal persons in real situations; farce deals with real persons in unreal situations.”


Went to the flower show today and met Mr. J. R. Watt[s?], secretary of the Cleveland garden center – Cleveland Audubon Society – assistant to Secretary of the Interior McKay – I’m not quite sure all what. He is interested in quail [?] legislation. He is 77 years old and a man full of interesting things to tell. I wish I could remember all the subjects he touched upon. But, it is evening now and I am a little tired. Maybe more [of?] the conversation than I think will remain with me. I’ll write about this again, I hope. He said he would send me tickets on some pictures of Africa. Well – later, on all this. It was the best hour or two of interesting conversation I’ve had in a long time, but time was of the essence.

Upon taking down some of the items pinned on our calendar to remember, I found the following I had written in some sad moment. Perhaps I’m repeating myself here, but I have to chuck some of these past papers off the calendar to make room to pin new items.

“Rain is good, tears are too; just so they lead to a good life of rainbows and sunshine.”

P.S. Mr. J. R. Watt mailed me the tickets with a very nice note. Kurt and I for sure want to go to Monday night. The kids will [too?] – if no homework.