30 April 1957

30 April 1957 (What I have talked about with people)

1. Gas Co. put in pipe lines – our neighbors cannot wait until the contractor puts in the lawns. They are impatient, cannot stand to let the ground settle – wives (Mrs. Groan forces Mr. Groan to dig up grass.)

a. Women are tyrants?
b. What chance has a man when a woman makes up her mind?
c. Women always get their way.
d. What chance has a man against a determined woman, even though she is wrong! Mr. Groan submits to putting in the lawn – can’t wait for contractor – spend three days putting in lawn (because neighbors did). Rain causes ground to fall into holes.

Moral: Women should learn more patience.

− Women are unreasonable
− You can’t argue with a determined woman; you just don’t have a chance!

Mrs. Groan’s argument will be: “Well, at least it looked better during the time we were waiting for a contractor.”

Women are perfectionists.