16 February 1957

16 February 1957

There are books about “Johnny Can’t Read”. Somebody should write a book called “Momma Can’t Read”.

Oh – that other idea – Cleveland Foundation stuff – Ralph & Jean Steenmeyer’s story about the man who had a large piece of land in Florida. How he sold it on the “life insurance” plan to buyers. He gets a rental of so much a month for the land (creating him a monthly income from a piece of no good for anything land). When he dies (and he’s an old man) the buyer pays no more – the buyer then possesses the land.

The same thought could be carried through in other ways. For instance: people who have more money in their older years than they need. There are going to be a lot of kids who will need money for college educations. Government support won’t be the answer. Childless couples, or couples whose children are well taken care of, could loan some of their money to youngsters for college educations. Then the kid pays them interest on the money – the debt is cancelled upon the death of the benefactors. Come to think of it – this might be a good idea for supplementing middle income aged people. A way of supplying the oldsters with money. We have mortgages which earn money – why not make a living supplying educations for qualified youngsters. A group like the Ford Foundation of the Cleveland Foundation could handle details, necessary legislation, and keep themselves busy, useful, and happy while doing all this.


Come to think of it – that Hawaiian gal on Arthur Godfrey’s program was no dope. She gave Godfrey value for what he was paying her. She saved her money. She wasn’t one of the gals who boohooed all over when he fired her. She was a right sharp little girl. She saved her money. When the ax-chopping lost Miss Hawaii her job – she had a nice orchid business all set up for herself!!! – with the money she saved.


Women have to look sharp, to be sharp, in a man’s economic world.

Ho, hum! That was my Zachmannisia for this day.