7 September 1956

7 September 1956

The children are off to school, but I haven’t really gotten to understand the whole day is now mine. Guess it will take a week or so to believe the fact.

School notes and comments:

Bill was quite dapper and expansive over the idea of school – he just acted as though he had received 20 shots of self-importance and value.

Nancy’s version of school as a “greenie” had funny angles to it. The prize one was a boy walked over to her and asked her what level she was in. “7B-7” she answered. “You’re too smart for me,” he said, and promptly walked away.

Another one was concerning the eccentric “Miss Joseph”. Pattie Haytas was immediately selected by Miss Joseph as secretary of the class because Barbara and Jackie Haytas were “such nice girls.”

Pattie needed some help stamping new books and Miss Joseph asked her to choose someone the help her. Pattie suggested Nancy Zachmann. Miss Joseph went into a brown study, went into a characteristic mannerism of circular rubbing of her chin with her fingers. “Zachmann” she said, meditatively. “Zachmann . . . I guess that would be all right.”

The kiddoes didn’t quite know whether she recollected Billy with doubt, or whether she was trying to place the name. Bill rather leaned to the latter explanation.

Went downtown to pay Mary Anderson ½ of her bill today and ended up spending from 12 noon until almost 4 P.M. gabbing with Mary Anderson. Met her sister, newly returned from almost 9 months of around the world jaunting with her Rotary Ex-President husband. Her sister’s most illuminating remarks were:

  1. People are nice all over the world.
  2. Her dismay at the way Americans talk disparagingly about the people of other countries.
  3. How little the world is with modern transportation and communication.
  4. If all the people in the world would just make use of what they have.

I commented to Kurt that two aspects of my personality and outlook are being furiously tended by 2 different people.

Blanche is pouring economics into on void and Mary Anderson looms up as the figure most rigorously attempting to fill up the religious void.

I’m really getting a going over.

Any other voids to fill? If there are, I’ll be battered to a pulp before my education is rounded.

Yesterday I invented “Mrs. Jones” a grown up version of Lu Lu et al.

Excerpts from Mary Anderson’s “Know Thyself” by Richard Lynch.

Speaking of Truth:

“Two and two does not make five, even though many tears may be shed over the fact.”

Truth cannot be bent to fit human emotions and desires.”

“In itself – wrong is simply a lack of truth – a negative condition.

“What is truth?” said Pilate.

We surmise and believe many errors, but Truth remains always the same. Man changes, Truth does not . . .. It demonstrates itself and is its own defense . . . Truth is always the unchangeable criterion by which our lives must be measured and tried.

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