19 February 1957

19 February 1957

A nursery school at the “Y” in the mornings for little “Lee Allens” whose parents both want to work because the husband doesn’t make enough money. This business of special classes for the “abnormal” are fine. But how about help for the little “normals” – they are lonesome too.

And the Y[MCA] would be fulfilling its concept of “Serving the Community Needs”.

See my other notes on the subject.


How about the Cleveland Orchestra putting on a benefit performance to set off the Community Fund drive. – At no charge! Shades of Kate Smith!! Who once refused to sing because of previous commitments at a community fund benefit. Simply announcing that it is the kickoff for the Community Fund drive – be sure you contribute when you were solicitor calls you!!

Always did object to duplicate school, work, and door to door contributions!

This would mean publicity for the Cleveland Orchestra when it needed funds.


Democracy at work!!

Tough on families!!

And frustrating for volunteers – usually housewives are volunteers.

Cleveland Orchestra gives children’s concerts – fine! But parents don’t go – and parents have the money.