7 May 1958

7 May 1958

Yesterday, I met Elizabeth Cardas over the telephone at noon time. It was a bitterly cold rainy day – too cold for my morning sitz bath. Besides, Kurt didn’t have the water hot enough.

I was feeling like a forlorn orphan yesterday morning, rattling around upstairs with the house empty. Ricky [the family dog, a dachshund] relegated to the downstairs.

Eva [Klein] called but wasn’t it unable to talk long. Irene dropped over in the afternoon. That was a lift. But, she, as much as she wanted to stay, I know I had to leave to make supper for her family. She promised a chocolate cake for the kids and Kurt.

Bill came home. He came upstairs to talk with me. After a few minutes the front doorbell rang. Lanky, 15-year-old height of him grumbled, “Now who’s that?” and went down the stairs, his size 12 shoes slowly but noisily thumping his protest. A few minutes later, very quietly, (and he always indicates wonder or surprise when he is quiet and not arguing or bugging me about something lately) walked right into my bedroom with the package from the Evans Florist Shop. I told him to open the package, because I couldn’t. And then, lo and behold, was what I now call my Santa Claus planter from Elizabeth Cardas. This morning the house is again silent, but the sun is shining modestly over my bedroom floor as I write.

In front of me on the table is my Santa Claus planter. I feel fairly good today, after the usual early morning of feeling like a cranky old witch because of my bowel movements.

Kurt came home from traffic court – Mrs. George came over – it’s lunchtime. I’m cold – and no sitz bath this morning!! Oh! Oh!

Later – The afternoon turned out quite miserable. Also the evening. I fell asleep. Forgot to take a pain pill. The anal ring felt all drawn together as though puckered by alum. Pain on both sides in the groin – five watery bowel movements. More pain in the groin.