15 July 1957

15 July 1957

Books are Your Best Friends

An article in [sic] books –

Books are (can be) the guidance you missed from parents, teachers. They are: companions, excitement, knowledge, thrill, guideposts to a career, help mates at your fingertips to fill in your needs.

A good library can give you almost anything you want in the printed pages of the book.

Why? A library is a clearinghouse of many people, with many outlooks, opinions, facts and entertainment.

Want to learn to work? You don’t have to wring your hands because you don’t know how or do not have money to have someone to teach you – books from the library are the answer.

Certain books you may want to buy – browse the library for your interests first. If you are planning a program of interest you – a library and can package you with the best possible choice of direction. A library is your best map of strategy.


This could be worked up into quite a good piece. Take various sections of library breakdown – literature, business, technology etc. as it is broken up into divisions to show how books from the library touch every aspect of life. Movie of the story. Book – more intimate understanding. Travel. Humor. TV and radio movies – all right in their medium. Cannot be compared with the book. No comparison – authors give you their companionship and conversation through their writings.

A man may be lonely in a crowd, but never in a book. In a book you can share a good laugh over a comical situation or you can learn what you want to on any subject.

One can be lonely in a crowd, but one will never be lonely with an interesting book.

The world of trouble and confusion can fall away with an interesting author, no matter what your interest. Keep loneliness as your subject versus absorption and companionship are your thread – do not deviate from the thread. (This one thread can make an interesting read.) Another article could be on how to make the best use of your library.

Divisions of the field of library books can be the basis of articles. Also, divisions of (how library can help you”.

Suggested by chapter 7 of How to Write and Sell Nonfiction, pages 101-102 etc.: Another article (perhaps for your life).

The art of being yourself – you think you are yourself, but you are really 10 other people whose opinions are not your own – you really don’t believe them – but you have not examined the values you accepted.

What are your usually reactions – watch yourself – do you really believe them? Have you ever examined your belief?

A “What” article or “Who” article – “Who am I?”

Be careful here to point out we are all the sum total of our past learning and experience. But when is the last time you examined your supposed beliefs?

Title: “Clean Your Personality House”.

Is your personality…?

“How is your personality attic?” (Is your personality like an old woman’s attic? idea.)

Have you accumulated other people’s notions, beliefs, which are of no use to you because you do not really believe them?

Parenthood is an assumed responsibility. What is parenthood? Why do people want children? Great force of nature to reproduce is primary. Other reasons are myriad. It’s the usual custom. It binds wife to husband. It is creation – a creative price. Then popular notions. Being a bride – social customs – having a child – but – with no knowledge of responsibility.

What do you contract for when you contract into a marriage? How many people know what they are doing when they assume the obligation of parenthood?


Parenthood means more than giving junior a bicycle – it means nurture and guidance. Too many people mistake one for the other