10 June 1957

10 June 1957

Zell laughed when the newspaper commentators and critics called her an “overnight” success when she sang at the nightclub in NY.

“it was a long night” was her comment.

Why? Because she had been working at singing and dancing for years and years. Then, she was an “overnight” success.

Jist of this article:

Success does not come to those who are not prepared: that is, no success of any lasting value. In order to be a success in any field – you must work at it.

We take it for granted in ordinary jobs in which we acquire our common know-how with the least amount of effort.

A typing course for a year – makes one a typist. A Wall Street success comes to the man who was studied.

Nothing comes with a pink ribbon without effort except perhaps a Christmas or birthday gift from a relative.

If you want to achieve something – there is only one way to do it: in music business art etc. – you work at it, brother, you work at it!


An article on what has been the pattern in our modern child training.

  1. No respect for others – too much consideration and pampering of the child.
  2. Self-expression without regard to the rights of others.
  3. Parent has become regularly Santa Claus denying nothing within the pocket for the child.

Result: A generation of children who think the world owes them everything; children who feel they owe the world nothing. Why? Because parents have made them into selfish little beasts without regard for the parents, therefore, without regard for those around them.