9 January 1957

9 January 1957

Casual notes from the Wonderful Way” by Frank A. Clarvoe:

“. . . he either ignored (Hollester Wilferd) or shrugged off the kindly attempts of sever individuals (after tripping over books into a cake) and groups to admit him to the warm company of relaxed imperfection.”

His constant goal was: I’ll show them!

A quote from Chapt. 3:

“Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.” Thomas a Kempis.

“God obligeth no man to more than he hath given him ability to perform.” The Koran.

“. . . in the development of psyche, he had come to regard himself as the center of his personal universe.”

“Many are thus egocentric. While as satellites, the people of the world about him were not obedient to his will, he as independent of theirs . . . He regarded attention as his proper due . . .Of all the human race was it possible he liked only himself?”

“Whenever there is a human being there is a chance for kindness. – Seneca, Thyestes”

The bottom of the well (has run dry). I wonder if I could write a book called “The Well” or “The Bottom of the Well” or some such thing. The idea would be on the spirit of a human being: How kindness, consideration, understanding and thoughtfulness makes the personal spirit brim over – yet, when the opposite coin appears –  cruelty, unkindness, thoughtlessness, meanness, lack of sympathy – the bottom of the well is dry.

Somehow then, weaving the story together show how – with the proper attitude – a deeper understanding – a knowledge which I am only getting an inkling of – one never worries about a dry well – because so long as one lives – a well is never completely dry – something like that. I guess I cannot write such a book yet – but perhaps maybe someday I can when I understand that the depth of the water in a spiritual well is internal and dependent on personal outlook and belief.