16 September 1956

16 September 1956

The only difference between me and many other people I knowis that I am a lifetime student and reader of the written word. As Kurt says, too– it depends also on what you read – the funnies, the sport pages, and trashynovels are not what I consider reading matter. They perhaps have their placefor relaxation, but even that is doubtful.

One of the best things for a person to have is good, directed reading along general arts lines – plus specific trade (Butter & Bread) training – plus natural phenomena.

By general arts – I mean economics – history – English – art – music.

In other words – with a lifetime of hours – Everything in and of the world can be interesting. The world and its creations. People – the social customs, history and backgrounds – present changes. Food – clothing – shelter – the arts – the sciences. There is no need for boredom.

There are enough hours in a lifetime to learn something of all of these things of mankind: the language, art, education; religion, family life, society life, political life, and economic life.