26 February 1957

26 February 1957 [Notes from a Collinwood HS P.T.A. meeting?]

Schneider [sp? – Oscar J. Schneider was CHS school principal]:  Schools are for education & nothing else.

Get back at him!

Parents get report cards.

1) Clean & fittingly groomed kind of clothes – teenagers – blue jeans – party clothes are out.

2) School offers best opportunity for learning & team work. Socializing agency. Work & play with each other starts from the home. Making opportunities: to play his daughter back yard [?].

3) Good manners – more than form – simply kindness & consideration of others.

Excuse me is little good manners when you’ve knocked a person down. Better not to knock him down in the first place.


4) Restraint – self restraint must be balanced by self discipline.

We need policeman because people have learned nothing of self restraint.

5) Respect for authority – should be taught by parents. Primary rules of behavior.

Policeman shoved [?] at ball games. Schneider [?] feels a sad commentary.


6) Saturday Movies: coed lines at [?] Mental, emotional stability.

The child hardest to love is the one who needs it the most.
Policeman calls to tell about the Buick – Father asks, “Is my car damaged?”

7) Parental harmony – Nothing is so damaging as quarreling, fighting, fussing, nagging.


Children have come to school and attempted suicide because of nagging homes & bickering.


She said she was not a D.P. or a displaced person – She was legal!
Budapest – is beautiful. Between Danube – Buda – Pest.
Many universities – music and drinks.

She sings a song.


Three blind mice. & [John J.] Pokorny spoke. Coordinator of Civil Defense, Cuyahoga County.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945 – 12 years ago.
Russia 1950 had weapon. Civil Defense Law [obscure word] on state gov.

We are tired of wars – disasters – but must be realistic # prepared. Mayors and governors. U.S. Gov. – partner rather than a coach in Civil Defense. 20 M tons of TNT. 7 or 8 miles destroyed. Fallout. Radioactive fallout. Radar screens. VS shelters.

Concept of C.D. must change. Shelter and funds. Cities – 33. 60M people. 100 per person. Radio active fault [sic] – be where the bomb isn’t.

Radar – reinforce outer perimeter. C.D. Minimum levels and property. How much research is being done on effects of Radioactive fallout? How effective are other perimeter or radar screens?