13 February 1957

13 February 1957 (Continued)
Cleveland Bar Association luncheon day where Ambassador to Israel from Ottawa, Canada replaced Abba Eban as speaker because Foster Dulles “ordered” him, and Washington “primed” Eban to Washington D.C. due to the Middle East crisis.

More Zachmannisia:

A coin has 2 faces. In order to permit both sides to show, the coin must be rolled on it’s edge.


Alfred C. Comay – Patent Lawyer – and Mr. & Mrs. Edelman were my luncheon partners.

Mr. Edelman represents labor. Mrs. Edelman is President of Brnai Brith [sic – B’nai
B’rith is the correct spelling] or something. I don’t know the correct spelling of the organization – but it sounds very interesting and worthwhile.

Kurt thinks he went to Shaker [High School] with Alfred Comay ??! don’t know – shrug my shoulders! He won’t call to find out – maybe Mary Anderson – # – knows.